one of my coworkers got a call (i work in a call center/tech support) from a customer that was really scared because supposedly the mafia was hacking her computer and they were stalking her…when finally my coworker took remote control of the computer he couldn’t stop laughing because


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"This mask and shield… They mean something different to you now.” — Steve Rogers, Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield? (2010)
"This mask and shield… They mean something different to you now.” Steve Rogers, Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield? (2010)

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if you want to be my lover you have to be able to marathon every marvel movie in one sitting


And yet, the requirement is still valid.

10/10 would do this

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I just realized, the letter ‘c’ is totally pointless. It either makes a ‘k’ sound or an ‘s’ sound. C has no sound of its own.

I see what you mean but kome on look at this redikulous stuff it’s kompelety silly

Why do you want Scotland to become independent? (Just curious, I'm English and personally everyone I know doesn't want them to gain independence.. Although I do understand most of the reasons Scotland has)



I’m from wales and I don’t really mind if you guys go independent. My only query is apparently you’re using oil to fuel your economy once you’re free of England. What happens when that runs out?

… did you do any research at all? Scotland does a lot more, brings income in through many means. Yes, oil is a definite way of feuling our economy (we’ve already been fueling the entire UK economy with it). But that is far from the only means of fueling the economy lol. Go do some reading.

 the Financial Times stated unequivocally in February 2014:

"An independent Scotland could expect to start with healthier state finances than the rest of the UK." Scotland subsidises the UK by billions of pounds every year, and has done for many decades. On the rare occasions when it’s forced by Parliamentary rules to tell the truth, the UK government admits that fact plainly.

The extent of Scotland’s wealth after the discovery of North Sea oil in the 1970s was so great that successive Labour and Conservative governments hid it from the Scottish people for three decades. 


Of course England doesn’t want Scotland to become independent. They make tons of money off Scotland. Every tax that introduced is taxed to Scotland first. Nukes are housed in Scotland against the will of Scottish people. Scots vote for government is often all but useless as every time they vote they get results they don’t like. I’ve even seen a couple vids of English politicians laughing at Scots. Scotland brings in so much money, yet is very impoverished and children are starving and food banks are having to be opened everywhere. Scotland is rich with resources. The thing is, you don’t need to hear this from me, a Scottish American living in the US. Go here and read some info. England has been using a lot of scare tactics, fear mongering and propaganda to try and stop Scotland from voting yes. 

Oil will of course run out one day. But even if we count only the oil we already know about, it’ll last for many decades. And industry experts believe it’s likely that there are large new depositsyet to be found, including off the west coast which oil companies have beenforbidden from exploringuntil now because of the presence of Trident submarines in the area.

Also, in 2013 oil tycoon Sir Ian Wood published a report - commissioned by the UK government’sDepartment of Energy and Climateand based on discussions with major oil companies - which found that reforms of the industry could further boost revenues by an extra £10bn a year for the next 20 years.

That’s plenty of time to use the money wisely for Scotland’s long-term future, instead of wasting it as Westminster has done for the last 40 years - theUK and Iranare the only two countries in the world to discover oil and NOT set up an oil fund for the future.

….Scotland is also richly blessed with the potential for clean renewable energy, which will last forever. Investing some of the proceeds from oil in wind, wave, tidal and hydro power over the coming decades will ensure Scotland stays a very wealthy country for centuries to come.

All in all… I don’t think Scotland has anything to worry about when it comes to how they will fuel their economy. They’re quite capable of planning ahead and Scotland is a very progressive and intelligent nation. 

Thank you for the awesome information ^_^ Perhaps England will offer the same vote to wales one day.